FALL 2018 - House Registration

Registration for the Fall 2018 season is now OPEN!


Fall 2018 Programs:

  • Mini-Mite House (6U) - Association Dues $200 - Estimated Ice Fees $900 (based on 60 hours of ice time)
    • 1 weekday practice
    • 1 weekend practice / game
  • Mite House (8U) - Association Dues $200 - Estimated Ice Fees $1000 (based on 90 hours of ice time)
    • 2 weekday practices
    • 1 weekend practice / game
  • Squirt B House (10U) - Association Dues $200 - Estimated Ice Fees $1500 (based on 98 hours of ice time)
    • 2 weekday practices
    • 1 weekend practice / game

Benefits at OLU:

Orchard Lake United (OLU) has a proud tradition of developing players.  We strive to develop the player first and prepare our players to win.

At OLU, your player will be the beneficiary of what we believe to be one of the finest hockey programs and hockey facilities in the State of Michigan.  Our home ice at the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Athletic Complex boasts several advantages for our players, coaches and families.  Below are some of the highlights of our association and facility.

  • Hockey Director
    • We are dedicated to getting the most out of every minute spent on and off the ice. The hockey director provides professional coaching to the players and our great coaching staffs.  The hockey director’s role starts with shaping the experiences of our youngest players, creating a model that carries through to our oldest players, where fun and fundamentals are the focus.
  • On-ice Training Tools
    • OLU is committed to providing our coaching staffs with the necessary tools to run effective and productive practices.  Each year we evaluate our tools to ensure teams/players have items that are in good condition.  Examples include tires, give-n-go passing aids, attack triangles, border pads and shooter tutors.
  • Shooting Stalls
    • Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Ice Arena (OLSM) has 6 indoor shooting stalls that are located beneath the bleachers.  These shooting stalls are utilized by OLU teams, to aid and benefit our players off-ice training.
  • Indoor Track
    • Above the playing surface is a full size indoor running track. Coaches and players utilize the track for off-ice training instruction throughout the season.  The track is an added bonus for parents looking to stay active while players are practicing.
  • Summer Training Camps

To complete your online registration:

  • Register with USA Hockey for the 2018/19 season.  Clicking the link below will open a new page.  Please return to this page after you receive your USA Hockey Registration #.
  • Register with OLUHA for the 2018/19 season.  Association dues will be collected during registration.


Please note that final program ice costs will be determined by the number of registrants.

Questions?: Email Us!