Orchard Lake United 2010 Red Seasonal Information

2020-2021 Fall Tryouts

9-21 7-8:30
9-23 8-9:30
9-26 10-11:30. Invite only

Skates are $20 ea. All positions open

Head Coach: Steve Kuphal - S.Kuphal@sbcglobal.net

Head Coach: Ryan Pace - pacer1716@gmail.com

Manager: Connie Fletcher - u16.oluhockey@gmail.com

2010 Red Ice Times:

2019-2020 Fall Season Info: The 2010 team will consist of 13 players and play in multiple tournaments this season. We will play in one tournament that will be out of state.

Projected level of Play: Howe 2

Extra Info: The 2010 team will be conducting off-ice training this season, including utilizing the Orchard Lake Shooting Stalls. We have a dedicated goalie coach and we are coming off a successful spring season that included winning the Perani's World Cup.